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with Deutsch Kurzhaar 's for the hunter in all of us 


 Congratulations!  Fall of 2014;  Dale and Joker on Joker receiving his VC (Versatile Championship) title through NAVHDA

Marilyn and Nina on receiving a strong "V" rating in conformation



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Our Address:

Zwinger vom Gänsehimmel

Rick Hartle
120 2nd Ave East
Lansford ND, 58750

Our Dogs

Ilka vom Osterberg

Deutsch Kurzhaar




[D1, SOLoE1, VBR-E VGP 297/2, FW:  SG (J)] HD frei (DKV)

Strong Pointer, great retriever, fearless dog. Great water work.  Ilka is such a gentle dog and a joy to be around.   She has a large bone structure and looks like a fierce dog, but is a great family dog.

More Information On Ilka



Cole vom Gänsehimmel 

Deutsch Kurzhaar



[S1(J), D1, VGP 294/2 310/1, IKP 1/136, VBR FW: V]  HD frei (DKV)

Cole is a son of Ilka.   Cole is like a  sponge and learns so fast and so much that you have to be careful with him that he does not learn the wrong things   He has a love for the water and duck hunting.  Cole is a pleasure to hunt with a very good nose and lots of style on birds.
More Information on Cole



Cali vom Rahe 

Deutsch Kurzhaar




[D1,S3,S1 FW: V1]  HD frei (DKV)

Cali is a beautiful dog.   She is not only a good looker but a joy to be around, and hunt with.   She is very cooperative and searches well and has good solid points. 

More Information on Cali



Dabo Pöttmes

Deutsch Kurzhaar




D1, VBR-E S1(oE) BTR, IKP 121/2, VGP 292/2]
FW: SG  HD frei (DKV)

Dabo (Ben)  was tested in Germany and was sold to us due to health issues of the owner.    He has a lot of old lines in him and we hope to continue to develop our lines on him.   He has a great field search and is a gentle dog.

More Information on Dabo



Emma vom Gänsehimmel 
0514/07 Deutsch Kurzhaar




[D1, S2]
FW: V2 HD frei (DKV)

Emma is a daughter of Cole and Granddaughter of Ilka and Hella and out of Asta from our "A" litter.   She is very cooperative and is a great family dog.   She has a great ability to learn and is a quick study.

More Information on Emma