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with Deutsch Kurzhaar 's for the hunter in all of us 


 Congratulations!  Fall of 2014;  Dale and Joker on Joker receiving his VC (Versatile Championship) title through NAVHDA

Marilyn and Nina on receiving a strong "V" rating in conformation



Planned Litters


Anticipated Breedings  2014


PDF file for Emma x Joker  Breeding PDF
Planned Litter:  (Emma x Joker)

Whelped  12 Dec 2014    "P" Litter

Emma vom Gänsehimmel


D1, S2  FW: V2 HD frei (A2)(DKV)

Liver and white

We are proud to announce that we are planning on breeding Emma to Joker vom Gänsehimmel . The anticipated breeding in early fall.. She is a good size female and weighs about 68 pounds. Emma is an easy dog to train and hunt with wanting to please, a pleasure for the person wanting a dog to learn with. Strong nose and abilities.


Repeat Breeding of our "N" Litter These 2 dogs have very strong characteristics for hunting and have reproduced this in their pups.   Emma and Joker both have 4h's in search.   They both have strong conformation.


When we started breeding dogs it was to produce dogs that the average hunter could  hunt and enjoy this happened with the "N" litter so we are repeating it.


Pedigree Ahnentafel  for this litter       


Joker vom Gänsehimmel


 D1, S2, AZP1 FW: V2  (DKV) HDO (B1)

Black with white Chest


Joker (Joe) is a very stylish dog, he received 2 4h's in his derby one in search and one in nose. In his AZP he got a 4h in nose.  He is a very steady dog. He was hunted on pheasants in 2010 and as a young dog was very impressive tracking down wounded birds and pointing and searching were great.

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Waiting List: 
If you would like to be put on a waiting list for a pup out of one of our breeding please contact us and we will talk about it.   When one is getting a puppy there has to be some trust.   I will trust you by putting you on our waiting list for a puppy without a deposit.   I am saying I trust you that yes you want one of my puppies.  You are saying you will take one when they are born.  Once they are born we require a deposit and the trust shifts  We do have people on the list for both litters.   Once the breeding happens we will post expected whelp dates.   We do not have AKC registered dogs or pups.

We will take Deposits.  The deposits are $400.  It is refundable if we do not have pups.  We will also refund it if we have agreed upon the sex for your puppy and we do not have one.   We will not take a deposit by color.


All pups are $900, plus shipping and crate if required, additional fees for flying which include health certificate.  We will fly pups out if need be.   Pups go home at about 8 weeks after required shots, and Micro-Chipping and tattooing.